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Today’s post is much shorter than usual as I’m off to visit my grandma this weekend in Northern Minnesota. You know those weeks where there just seems to be bad luck that follows you around? Man, that has been me this week! I’m so ready for a long weekend (one of the perks of working in education is that I get President’s Day off!) and I’m hoping to catch up on some much needed relaxation.

I don’t know about you, but I live for my weekend mornings. I love it when I have absolutely nothing scheduled on a Saturday morning and can allow a few hours of time to myself. One of my all-time favorite indulgences on a weekend morning is to brew myself a nice pot of tea and slowly settle into my day. My weekdays get so hectic that these little moments of “me time” help me to slow down and calm my mind. I’m not a coffee drinker (I know, right? I’ve tried but it never appeals to me) but after my many years in England have become an obsessive tea drinker. I have so many wonderful memories attached to moments spent over a cup of tea with my friends in London and I love pulling out my adorable Le Creuset Teapot that my dad gave me as a surprise. It is the perfect size for one person and it reminds me so much of England. I love buying coffee mugs whenever I travel somewhere new and have acquired quite the collection.

Weekend rituals keep me sane and I cherish those moments of quiet peacefulness immensely. I’m hoping to feel recharged after my weekend away- grandmas always know how to look after you when you need it most. Do you have a weekend ritual(s) that you love? I’d love to hear what you do to make you feel like your best weekend self!


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