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A Jaco Sunset


Location: Jaco, Costa Rica

I’ve been slowly sharing my photos from my trip to Costa Rica in December on the blog and today is my last post- and I’m saving the best for last! You can find my previous Costa Rica posts herehere, and here. On our first night in Jaco, I could tell that it would be an amazing sunset and I made to sure to have my camera ready at dusk. It ended up being one of the most fantastic sunsets that I have ever seen in my life. (more…)

5 Ways to Save More Money




Last year I moved into my first apartment that I paid for 100% on my own- no parents or boyfriends to help with rent- and as any young person can attest it was hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love living on my own. I didn’t think I would at first, but now I relish in having complete independence and my own space to retreat to. 2015 was a year that I was thrown into adulthood very abruptly with all of my big life changes happening at once. Not only did I get my first apartment, but my first full-time job after graduate school. Suddenly I had to learn about key terms such as 401Ks, insurance deductibles, tax credits, and interest rates. Money became very important in my life and despite the whirlwind, I managed to thrive in my first year of true adulthood. How did I do it? One word: saving.


Just Because

That Girl, Mags

Location: Interstate State Park, MN

This past weekend Minneapolis was blessed with unseasonably warm weather, which to us Minnesotans means temperatures above freezing. I am a person who loves being outside and after feeling very cooped up for weeks, I jumped at the chance to spend time in the outdoors.  (more…)

Surf’s Up

IMG_3737               Location: Jaco, Costa Rica

I have many things on my bucket list- traveling around South America, taking a hot air balloon ride, and learning to master the art of French patisserie are just a few of them. I’ve talked about my passion for travel here on the blog before but one of my other passions is for the outdoors. I’ve never been much of a team sport player but give me an outdoor activity that I can master on my own and I’m all over it. I adore bike riding, kayaking, and (my new obsession) paddle boarding whenever I get the chance in the summers. When I visited Costa Rica last month and got to experience a bit of summer in December, I knew I had to take advantage of it. And what did that mean? Surfing.


Winter Solstice

IMG_3916 Location: Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

The temperatures have been below freezing the past few days in Minnesota but right before they dropped I was able to sneak outside to capture this gorgeous sunset. I managed to stay outside for almost an hour and only had to pop indoors twice to warm up my hands (I’m a wimp, I know). For this view, the numb fingers were well worth it. (more…)