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Hitting the Summer Refresh Button

The summer heat brings with it a desire to lighten up everything in my life. I crave being outdoors in the sunshine, getting into my summertime exercise routine, and reach for refreshing fruits and salads. The summer months rejuvenate me and allow me to hit the refresh button on all aspects of my life. I spend more time with my loved ones and less time worrying about things that aren’t as important. (more…)

Creating a Passion Project

I consider myself a fairly creative person, perhaps quietly so. I have always had a great love of creating a world within my mind and bringing it to life through art. As a child, you could always find me with a journal in hand (the glitterier the better) busily writing and drawing my latest creation into being. I had aspirations of being a writer but once I got to college I abandoned many of my most beloved passions. I felt I simply “didn’t have time.” While life does get in the way of our hobbies sometimes, it does not have to cause one to abandon passions completely. I have spent so much time dreaming of pursing passions in the past that I am determined to make a concerted effort to make time for what I love. This year I have determined to create my own Passion Project and prioritize “me” time. And what is my personal Passion Project’s focus? Photography. (more…)

What I’ve Learned After My First Year of Working

Image via Style Me Pretty

This month marks a year since I started working at my full-time job which caused me to ask one rather large question: what have I learned? The simple answer is alot, but hey, I know you aren’t reading this to hear an answer as vague as that. I spent a lot of time reflecting over the week and I have come up with a short list of the most important things that I learned in my first year of working. (As a disclaimer, my current job is not my first ever job. I’ve had loads of part-time/summer jobs over my life but never one I considered an “adult” job.) Here is my list of what I learned: (more…)

Winter Instagram Roundup

Location: Wayzata, Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota can be long and dreary, but I try to get outside as much as possible despite the colder temperatures. This winter has been fairly mild and I’ve been very thankful for that. I’m not a winter person by any means and I spend most of it counting down the days until Spring. One of the best parts of living in the suburb that I do (Wayzata) in the Twin Cities is that I am two blocks from a large lake. Wayzata is such an adorable little lake town full of cute shops, amazing restaurants, and lovely views of Lake Minnetonka. For today’s post I want to share a few winter time photos from my Instagram page that never made it to the blog. These photos span a few months (back to the beginning of winter when the lake wasn’t frozen over yet) and show the beauty of the area that I live in. Today is a balmy 40 degrees and sunny in Minneapolis so I’m feeling optimistic and hoping that Spring really is just around the corner! Maybe I will even get to put on shorts soon! (Ok that might be total wishful thinking) (more…)

Weekend Ritual

Tea Time

Today’s post is much shorter than usual as I’m off to visit my grandma this weekend in Northern Minnesota. You know those weeks where there just seems to be bad luck that follows you around? Man, that has been me this week! I’m so ready for a long weekend (one of the perks of working in education is that I get President’s Day off!) and I’m hoping to catch up on some much needed relaxation. (more…)