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On My Radar

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Happy Friday!

It has been so gorgeous here in Minnesota (seriously, there is no better place to see the foliage) and I definitely cannot complain about a lack of natural beauty. I am a naturally active person and love to be outdoors as much as possible but once the days become shorter and nights grow longer I turn to daydreaming about other places I’d love to visit in the fall. During my years of university abroad I did the bulk of my travel in autumn (it’s been 7 years since my first study abroad, #imgettingold) and really enjoyed exploring a new place in the crisp air with a fresh start to the academic year. (more…)

Friday Favorites

{photo via Anna With Love }

My last few posts have been centered around my trip to London in May. While I still have more to share, I have enjoyed going through my old photos and reminiscing with you all. Seriously, can I go back already? I’m keeping this one short today and am sharing my favorite links and products from the week. Have a wonderful weekend all!


Summer Uniform

Outfit Details:

Gap shorts/crewneck tee/ Target sandals (similar here)

During the summer you can usually find me in one of two outfits: a light summer dress or shorts and a tee-shirt. I have a soft spot for colored shorts and own an array of colors but I struggle for some reason to find the perfect jean shorts. Maybe it is because I’m a tall woman or I’m simply too picky but it seems like every summer I say the same thing- “I’ve got to get a new pair of jean shorts.” Until last month I had been wearing the same pair of baggy jean shorts that I bought years ago (and never fit) and I vowed that this would finally be the summer to get serious with my search. Enter Gap’s 1969 destructed summer shorts. (more…)

The Art of Doing Nothing + Catching Up

After the long holiday weekend I spent much of the week catching up on sleep and work. I love taking weekend trips but never seem to sleep as well on the road as I do at home so the sleep debt struggle is real. It’s funny how one less work day can be both a blessing and a curse- I swear I have thought it was Tuesday every day this week (except when it actually was Tuesday). (more…)

Hello Weekend + My Favorite Sales

Happy Friday! How is it already July? Eek! With the long weekend coming up I can’t wait to celebrate America and my first week at a new job. I plan to be out on a boat, enjoying the summer sunshine, and relaxing with my family. It will be a weekend of nothing but having fun, which is exactly how we all should celebrate our amazing country! (more…)