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IMG_3737               Location: Jaco, Costa Rica

I have many things on my bucket list- traveling around South America, taking a hot air balloon ride, and learning to master the art of French patisserie are just a few of them. I’ve talked about my passion for travel here on the blog before but one of my other passions is for the outdoors. I’ve never been much of a team sport player but give me an outdoor activity that I can master on my own and I’m all over it. I adore bike riding, kayaking, and (my new obsession) paddle boarding whenever I get the chance in the summers. When I visited Costa Rica last month and got to experience a bit of summer in December, I knew I had to take advantage of it. And what did that mean? Surfing.

IMG_3828 IMG_3823 IMG_3756 IMG_3804 IMG_3813

My family and I traveled to Jaco, which is located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica in the Puntarenas region. My mom found Jaco Laguna Resort online and oh my, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this resort hotel. The staff were so friendly and approachable (we had the same waitress each day, Rebecca, and she made us feel like we were in a Cheers episode-wherever we were she would make sure to call out our names). One of the perks, besides the tiki bar and amazing pool, of the resort was that they offered daily water sport lessons. Surfing has been right at the top of my bucket list for a few years and I was obsessed with finally trying it out. I have snowboarded for a while and have been curious as to if my talents on the snow would translate onto the water. So on the last day I went for it: I took a 90 minute private surfing lesson (if any one stays at this hotel, I highly recommend taking lessons with Alex, he’s awesome).

IMG_3811 IMG_3752 IMG_3800 IMG_3819 IMG_3840

IMG_3841 IMG_3838 Surf's Up

And I got up on the surfboard… on my second try! Being out in the surf and learning to read the waves was simultaneously the most calming, absorbing, and downright fun activity I have done- maybe ever? My mind and body just clicked with the board and it was the most intense high getting up and riding the waves. The lesson flew by and afterwards on our way back to San Jose I couldn’t help but replay the afternoon again and again in my mind. That’s the best thing about accomplishing something from a bucket list- the pure joy you have at not only doing something new but loving it enough to want to do it again. I am so lucky in my life to get to have those moments of simple joy. I’m already counting down the days until my next surfing adventure. I think surfbum sounds like a pretty good future career, am I right?

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