Hitting the Summer Refresh Button

The summer heat brings with it a desire to lighten up everything in my life. I crave being outdoors in the sunshine, getting into my summertime exercise routine, and reach for refreshing fruits and salads. The summer months rejuvenate me and allow me to hit the refresh button on all aspects of my life. I spend more time with my loved ones and less time worrying about things that aren’t as important.

This summer I am vowing to say no to things that ordinarily stress me out and yes to things that make me truly happy. In the past few weeks of adopting this refresh I have slept better, my skin is brighter, and rather than things falling apart, they have fallen into place. Sometimes taking a step back to reevaluate where you are in life can lead you right where you should be.

Apart from reducing overall stress levels, this summer I have two areas of my life that I want to refresh. The first is my cooking routine. I have a tendency to eat a very carb-rich diet (what can I say, I love my breads!) but have noticed that when I choose to eat a plant-heavy meal I feel so much better. I love to cook and try new foods, but struggle to do this when only cooking for one. I have followed Dana for a while and love her creativity and food photography. Her recipes are primarily vegan and gluten-free and she takes traditional recipes and puts her own spin on them. I have many on my list to make over the summer (first on the list is this thai noodle bowl) and can’t wait to share on the blog my own recommendations.

The second way that I wish to refresh this summer is to organize myself. While I recently purged all unnecessary belongings from my apartment, I want to focus on organizing my thoughts and aspirations for the coming months and years. I want to take an inventory of sorts on what I hope to accomplish personally and professionally. It felt amazing to get rid of all of the excess stuff that I owned and I think it will feel just as wonderful to rid my mind of useless thoughts.

How do you refresh your mind and body? Do you have a summertime routine? If you have any healthy food recommendations, I’d love to hear them! Is there a food blogger that you love?

Also, how cute are these swimsuits? I spent last weekend by the pool and can’t wait to spend more time by the water.

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  • I hope you meet your goals this summer!


    Tamara –

  • I really love your point of view for restarting/refreshing. I should take a step back and see what I can do to refresh myself and a few of my bad habits.

    • Thanks Lisa! Girl, it is a process- I think we could all use a little refresh 🙂

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