What I’m Eating: Snack Edition


Snacks. I LOVE snacks. Growing up the best part of getting done with school was hopping in the car and being asked by my mom where my brother and I wanted to get a snack from. KFC! McDonalds! Dairy Queen! As a kid it was the greatest feeling getting to choose- it felt like a bit of independence within a fairly scheduled day. In college I got a bit off the snack train somehow convincing myself that eating any extra food between meals would lead to the dreaded “Freshman 15” (which I never gained in the end). Instead I would spend hours between meals feeling very hungry and irritable simply dreaming for 5pm to roll around and become an acceptable time to eat dinner. Silly right? Once I got out of college I quickly reverted back to grabbing snacks when needed, this time with a much healthier bent than I did as a kid (though I still love me some DQ). I’m sharing a few healthy snack recipes that I find myself returning to week after week. All are quick, require minimal ingredients, and are whole-food based. 


  1. 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup Energy Balls


These little balls of peanut butter-y goodness are hands down the most frequent snack I make. I spent much of the winter snowboarding after work and on weekends and these were so easy to grab and enjoy on the go! I honestly have made them at least once per week for the past five months and never get tired of them. As the name implies, it is five whole food ingredients all of which can be mixed in a food processor. And did I mention the best part? There is NO baking involved! I recommend keeping them in the freezer as they get pretty soft when left out. 


2. Wholesome 5 Ingredient Banana Bread Muffins

Another recipe for those with a slight sweet tooth. Can you tell I like working with five ingredients? This recipe is not your average banana bread recipe- it is gluten-free and if you exclude the chocolate chips only contains natural sugars. I know what you are thinking- can a muffin without the gluten still be as good as traditional banana bread? The simple answer is heck yes! In fact, because this recipe’s base is banana rather than flour I argue it captures more of the essence of what bananas taste like. If you are a banana bread lover but looking for a lighter more nutritious option, these are for you! They make a wonderful breakfast addition or an afternoon pick me up. 


3. Homemade Basil Pesto


I’m only recently on the make at home pesto bandwagon and let me tell you, I should have joined a long time ago! This pesto recipe is for you savory snackers out there. As with all of my snacks in this post it requires few ingredients, can be wizzed up in the food processor, and is so versatile. You can bring it to work and have it on crackers, with raw veggies, or even on bits of naan bread. Pesto isn’t just for pasta- you can put it on just about anything!


Need more snacking or cooking inspo? Head on over to my Pinterest page to see what I’m eating! I’d love to hear your go-to snack ideas- leave a comment below!


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