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Happy Friday!

It has been so gorgeous here in Minnesota (seriously, there is no better place to see the foliage) and I definitely cannot complain about a lack of natural beauty. I am a naturally active person and love to be outdoors as much as possible but once the days become shorter and nights grow longer I turn to daydreaming about other places I’d love to visit in the fall. During my years of university abroad I did the bulk of my travel in autumn (it’s been 7 years since my first study abroad, #imgettingold) and really enjoyed exploring a new place in the crisp air with a fresh start to the academic year.

Since I won’t be traveling so far away this fall, I’m exploring as many state parks as I can. If you are a MN local (or transplant) do you have a favorite park that you visit? One of the best pieces of advice that I have been given is to never stop exploring, even in your own place. This year I’m really trying to explore Minneapolis as if I were a tourist and really taking advantage of the plethora of events, restaurants, and activities that there are to visit and do here.

As I mentioned, I am sticking pretty close to home for this season but those who know me know that I’m always got something new to explore and keep me excited. Here’s what is on my radar this week:

  1. I have been dreaming of transforming my simple shelf in to a fabulous bookcase and this DIY cart is exactly what I want to take my bookcase to the next level.
  2. Damsel, you make my heart ache for Paris!
  3. Are you looking for a restaurant that will transport you to Europe in the 20s? Look no further.
  4. I am beyond nervous that the Cubbies will fail spectacularly (can we expect anything less?) this month. Can they reverse the curse?
  5. I always have room in my wardrobe for more stripes-especially ones this cute!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! I hope you have a little bit of beautiful to inspire your world. 

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