Lake Sakakawea

Location: Lake Sakakawea, ND

Coming back from vacation this week was rough. Does this happen to anyone else or am I the only one that gets completely exhausted after a long weekend? I had such a relaxing weekend with my family- it went slightly differently than originally planned but ended up working out better than we imagined. It’s funny how life surprises us like that, right?

For the first two days of the long weekend my family and I set up camp near Lake Sakakawea in central North Dakota. The lake is an enormous manmade reservoir near the Garrison Dam in the Missouri River basin. It is a gorgeous spot that I had not been to since I was a small child. We took the pontoon out for a cruise both days and relaxed in the sunshine.

We took advantage of exploring a number of the bays- the dogs were crazy about  running through the grass and on the beach. It was so nice just to slow down and not have to be anywhere at a certain time. I put my phone away and enjoyed a much needed digital detox.

My brother was visiting with his boxer and it was hilarious to watch him discover the water for the first time. He tried to swim but it didn’t really go that well- it was pretty hilarious watching him essentially stomp around in the water. There has been so much rain lately in Central North Dakota and the surrounding lakeshore was so green. It can get so dry in this area of ND and much of the year there is little moisture. It was a treat to see everything so lush and beautiful.

On Sunday after our pontoon ride we noticed dark clouds rolling in and so quickly decided to pack up our camping gear and head back home. Luckily we made it just in time before the torrential rain and hail started!

We had planned to camp another night but were greeted with the most spectacular fireworks display going on all over the neighborhood when we arrived home. I have never seen anything like it but nearly every block in a 356 degree radius of us was shooting off gorgeous firework pieces. It felt like the entire world was lit up in sparkling lights.

It was the most amazing feeling to sit on our back patio overlooking a canal and watching the world light up around us. It worked out exactly as it should have and I will remember that night forever. I hope your 4th of July was as magical and surprising as mine.

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