Introductions Can Be Fun

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Ann Taylor Dress / Love This Version (40% off this weekend!)/Kate Spade Purse (Old but New Here)/Bracelet/Gap Sandals 

I believe introductions are in order. Hi, I’m Mags and welcome to my brand-new style, fashion, and travel-based blog! In my day job I work in higher education and live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I LOVE exploring my city. That Girl, Mags has been a vision in my mind for many years and finally I have decided to make it a reality. As an avid reader of style blogs, I love the feeling of escape that a great blog provides, even if it is momentary. I cannot wait each day to immerse myself within the beauty that others create and it is my {not so secret} guilty pleasure to imagine myself in other blogger’s {high-heeled} shoes. I decided that it is my turn to try to do the same for others through my own stylistic vision. That is what I seek to create and cultivate on this blog: a space to dream and inspire others about what I love most- style, fashion, and travel. I aspire to see the beauty in the everyday and I invite you to see it with me through That Girl, MagsI’m just getting started and there is so much more fun to come!



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  • Nikki

    I’m so proud of you for creating this Maggie and I can’t wait to follow your fashion and travel adventures, as well as learn a style tip or 2. You are a beautiful person who has started a beautiful blog and look forward to watching it grow and flourish. I love you infinitely xx

  • RJO

    Very fun. Looking forward to more posts

  • Molly

    Excited to see it progress!!

  • Molly

    Very excited for you!!

  • Heidi

    Love that you are finally doing this, Mags! It’s lovely and I look forward to seeing what else you showcase!

  • Kirsten

    Love it, love you!

  • ele

    Beauty comes from within and shines through ….best wishes

  • Nikki S

    Love it all! Can’t wait to see what else you put out there. xx

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