Location: La Suiza, Turrialba, Costa Rica

The first half of my vacation was spent in Turrialba, a central province of Costa Rica. This region is characterized by its innumerable volcanos, dense rainforest, and terraced crop fields. The big products of the area are coffee, pineapples, and cheese- though everything grows there. Everywhere I looked there were citrus and banana trees, strawberries, mangos, and passionfruit.

The fruit I had while in Costa Rica wasΒ the best fruit I’ve ever had, hands down. Each time I had a piece of fruit it would rival the last and throughout the week I kept exclaiming that I was finally tasting what fruit was supposed to taste like.


IMG_3732 IMG_3727

As I mentioned previously, my mom and her partner are attending Spanish language school to improve their skills in Tuis, a small town next to La Suiza. (In case you are interested in more about the school, you can find out more about CISAΒ here.)They spent the first few mornings that I visited at school and then in the afternoons we would wander around the area and took many trips to the grocery store. On one afternoon my mom took me to see a grouping of trees where wild parakeets live in flocks. It was amazing to see parakeets and parrots flying in their natural habitat and I had to pinch myself at how amazingly lucky I was to see that moment with my own eyes.


IMG_3720 IMG_3726 IMG_3722


La Suiza was a nice introduction to the “real” Costa Rica. The pace of life there is relaxed and the hospitality and generosity of the people that I met whilst there was unparalleled. I really do believe that the nicest people I’ve ever met while on holiday have been in Costa Rica. I had the opportunity to work on my Spanish, catch up on the blog, have a personal training session on the side of a mountain, and remember how nice it is to have nothing on my agenda. I enjoyed seeing where my family lives and to put names to faces of both the people and locations that they often describe.

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