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A Long Weekend in Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA

After a few months hiatus from the blog, (sorry all- I won’t let that happen again!) I am back and better than ever. The last few months have been full of travel and I can’t wait to share some of the adventures that I’ve gotten up to. Before all of my travel started, I started using a new camera, a Sony A6000, and I have had the best time playing around with my new toy. In April I spent a long weekend in Los Angeles visiting my friends and managed to snap a few photos along the way.  (more…)

Winter Instagram Roundup

Location: Wayzata, Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota can be long and dreary, but I try to get outside as much as possible despite the colder temperatures. This winter has been fairly mild and I’ve been very thankful for that. I’m not a winter person by any means and I spend most of it counting down the days until Spring. One of the best parts of living in the suburb that I do (Wayzata) in the Twin Cities is that I am two blocks from a large lake. Wayzata is such an adorable little lake town full of cute shops, amazing restaurants, and lovely views of Lake Minnetonka. For today’s post I want to share a few winter time photos from my Instagram page that never made it to the blog. These photos span a few months (back to the beginning of winter when the lake wasn’t frozen over yet) and show the beauty of the area that I live in. Today is a balmy 40 degrees and sunny in Minneapolis so I’m feeling optimistic and hoping that Spring really is just around the corner! Maybe I will even get to put on shorts soon! (Ok that might be total wishful thinking) (more…)

A Jaco Sunset


Location: Jaco, Costa Rica

I’ve been slowly sharing my photos from my trip to Costa Rica in December on the blog and today is my last post- and I’m saving the best for last! You can find my previous Costa Rica posts herehere, and here. On our first night in Jaco, I could tell that it would be an amazing sunset and I made to sure to have my camera ready at dusk. It ended up being one of the most fantastic sunsets that I have ever seen in my life. (more…)

Vacation Must Haves

Vacation Must Haves

Winter has settled in and I don’t know about you, but I am tired of my thick sweaters and snow boots! My two favorite items of clothing are sleeveless dresses and sandals and I couldn’t help but browsing my favorite sites in search of future summer attire. I have put together  a few suggestions on what I would wear on a warm weather getaway (even though I’m staying put in MN for the rest of the winter). For me, I need light and airy clothing, versatile sandals, and a great book to help me relax by the pool. I’d love to hear if you are going anywhere warm (or cold) and if so, what are your go-tos for your suitcase?

Happy Travels xx (more…)

Surf’s Up

IMG_3737               Location: Jaco, Costa Rica

I have many things on my bucket list- traveling around South America, taking a hot air balloon ride, and learning to master the art of French patisserie are just a few of them. I’ve talked about my passion for travel here on the blog before but one of my other passions is for the outdoors. I’ve never been much of a team sport player but give me an outdoor activity that I can master on my own and I’m all over it. I adore bike riding, kayaking, and (my new obsession) paddle boarding whenever I get the chance in the summers. When I visited Costa Rica last month and got to experience a bit of summer in December, I knew I had to take advantage of it. And what did that mean? Surfing.