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6 Times Plants Made a Room

Image via Bloesem

Ever since getting my own apartment I have become addicted to scrolling through Pinterest in search of interior decorating ideas. I didn’t really jump onto the Pinterest bandwagon until recently but I understand now why everyone loves it! There are literally so many amazing ideas out there to help a person (like me) who is developing her own sense of interior style. In looking through my pins, I realized that I have been obsessively pinning photographs of plants recently. I really love the idea of bringing the outdoors inside when decorating my home and want to do more of this in the future.  (more…)

Black and White Accent Pieces

Black and White   1

We all know about accent pieces- little items full of pattern or color that make a space pop. While accent pieces are typically not the main focus of a room, I have fallen in love with the statement floor or backsplash as the ultimate accent piece in a kitchen or dining room. I’m a girl who loves her neutrals and love the trend towards black and white as accent colors rather than more bolder and brighter colors. This first image, shown on My Domaine (which is one of the few websites that I read on the daily), features an accent backsplash which I LOVE! If I had my dream kitchen, I would seriously consider this beautiful pattern. (more…)

Weekend Ritual

Tea Time

Today’s post is much shorter than usual as I’m off to visit my grandma this weekend in Northern Minnesota. You know those weeks where there just seems to be bad luck that follows you around? Man, that has been me this week! I’m so ready for a long weekend (one of the perks of working in education is that I get President’s Day off!) and I’m hoping to catch up on some much needed relaxation. (more…)

Winter Solstice

IMG_3916 Location: Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

The temperatures have been below freezing the past few days in Minnesota but right before they dropped I was able to sneak outside to capture this gorgeous sunset. I managed to stay outside for almost an hour and only had to pop indoors twice to warm up my hands (I’m a wimp, I know). For this view, the numb fingers were well worth it. (more…)

Color & Mood



This girl is SO over winter and SO looking forward to spring! I know, it is only mid January, but with the temperatures being below zero in Minnesota this week I turned to my Pinterest page for a sunnier (and less white) color palette.  (more…)